I am working on this project: “Social Login doesn’t work anymore” and I can find issue with the wordfence WordPress plugin.

File “wp-content\plugins\wordfence\lib\wfLog.php”, line #1026,

add_filter('authenticate', array($this, 'checkForBlockedCountry'), 1, 0);

As you can see 0 (zero) parameters passed into ‘checkForBlockedCountry’ function.
Now about ‘authenticate’ filter:

Your hook callback should return either a WP_User object if authenticating the user or, if generating an error, a WP_Error object.

Obviously, ‘checkForBlockedCountry’ function can’t return WP_User object, because it has 0 (zero) arguments.
In result code like this will damage $user object.

$user = apply_filters('authenticate', $user, $user->user_login, '');
return 0;