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upWork.com “feature”

As you can see from screenshot “Closed – This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.”. AND ??? Is it failed project? Is it successfully completed project? No way to know. And more important – no way to use the link to this project as part of my portfolio. Because upWork.com “feature” hide me and review from my client.
Actually, everyone can say “It is my project, I successfully complete it and my client is happy”.
The same for any other upWork.com project.

New Freelancer.com “feature”

Nowadays, all bids are visible for everyone. Include Google, Bing and other search engines.
My screenshot. Please, note: I am not logged in. Just like Google bot.

One more screenshot, where I search for “Hello, Greetings, Top most Freelancer to work with and have great reviews too”. I.e. first phrase from the first bid from my screenshot.

Freelancer.com bug with online status

This url return “online”:false in any case:
Freelancer.com error with online/offline status
As for example:
Please, use your own id to check your status.
My status is “online”:false in any case (any computer, any web browser).
Support ticket #ROT-837-43885 sent 10 days ago. Result:

We’ll forward your concern to the Engineering team and we’ll contact you again as soon as possible.

Here you can find an online converter to convert seconds to human readable date :

wordfence WordPress plugin and ‘authenticate’ filter

I am working on this project: “Social Login doesn’t work anymore” and I can find issue with the wordfence WordPress plugin.

File “wp-content\plugins\wordfence\lib\wfLog.php”, line #1026,

add_filter('authenticate', array($this, 'checkForBlockedCountry'), 1, 0);

As you can see 0 (zero) parameters passed into ‘checkForBlockedCountry’ function.
Now about ‘authenticate’ filter:

Your hook callback should return either a WP_User object if authenticating the user or, if generating an error, a WP_Error object.

Obviously, ‘checkForBlockedCountry’ function can’t return WP_User object, because it has 0 (zero) arguments.
In result code like this will damage $user object.

$user = apply_filters('authenticate', $user, $user->user_login, '');
return 0;