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Bug fixing
10 latest projects successfully completed by me for my clients from United States:
  1. Wordpress WebSite: Http to Https Migration
    Outstanding work and professionalism. Sergey G. Helped fix an issue related to an https site migration. I would highly recommend Sergey as a freelancer.
  2. Customized Wordpress/woocommerce plugin not working properly 1
    Perfect. Did exactly what was needed and quickly.
  3. Fix my Oscommerce Site
    This man is a genius & after two freelancers fails - he did this job in record time - kept me up to date on everything he did - he is awesome & I would recommend him to everyone!! Thanks again Sergey you truly are the best!!
  4. bookly plug in issue
    great work fast delivery first time i use him but will keep using for future projects
  5. I need to customize a wordpress plugin
    Great work! Good communication and he did a great job! Thanks!
  6. Bug in Magento E-Commerce Shop regarding Digital Products
    Sergey fixed on short notice a Problem in our Magento System, even when he was in touch with the system for the first time within hours. Highly recommended.
  7. Ajax JQuery
    Sergey did a very thorough job. He is precise and was on time. The add to cart adjustment on my site was done professionally and in a short turn around time. [28 July, 2018] Sergey did an excellent job adjusting add to cart functionality with the woocommerce shortcodes.
  8. Fix R+L Carriers Freight Shipping M2 Extension
    He is really fast and very knowledgeable. He understands clearly what we need and create solutions exactly fit us. We will hire him again and again. Thank you!
  9. Fix a webpage
    Sergey helped resolve a very time-sensitive code problem. Super impressive.
  10. Maintenance for a Drupal website must be Drupal Expert

About Me

Here are some things that you should know about me.

Sergey I.Grachyov

Magento Certified Developer
My name is Sergey [Magento Certified Developer, MCDBA, MCAD(dot)NET].
I am a freelance programmer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Time zone: GMT +3.
I am an individual, I am NOT A COMPANY in any meaning. I work alone and never distribute my work to other freelancers. I've been working as a freelancer since 2002 and I have 1000+ successfully completed projects for my clients around the world. These projects, include reviews from my past clients, are public available on the major freelance marketplaces. I am especially good when I need to fix complex bugs/errors/issues.
I can work via or via for $33/hour, 30-40 hours per week, include weekend.
My profile at as it was on January 25, 2017

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My profile at as it was on January 26, 2017

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Reviews from my past clients

Full list available in the public profile

10 latest Magento projects successfully completed by me via Freelancer(dot)com:
  1. Bug Magento shop - shipping cost is missing in basket.
    "A pleasure to work with Sergey as always."
  2. Magento search problem after update to
    "This is the best Magento freelancer I have ever worked with on this platform. Excellent skills + communication. Will definitely work with him again in the future. Thanks again for your help!!"
  3. Special prices not showing in Magento 1.9 store
    "Great developer to work with. Knows a lot about Magento and the modifications where of high quality."
  4. Magento Fix Javascript JQuery Clash
  5. Check bug in Magento 2.2 website
    "Exceelnce in Magento! Highly recommended. Thank you!"
  6. Troubleshoot Magento 1.9 and Paypal IPN message
    "Our project sounded simple but it was actually very difficult....Another development team actually gave up. I watched Sergey bouncing around our site and server for more than 12 hours. He really put in the work and in the end he squashed that bug! I think this guy thrives on the challenge. I am paying him double even though he never asked. I think that speaks for his work."
  7. Magento: Error in data validation
    "Sergey is perfect. Solved a very complex problem. I indicate for sure."
  8. Magento 2 webshop finishing touch
    "Sergey did the job what others on this site couldn't do and did that in 20 hours while he says 2 days! And the delivered work was also very good."
  9. Need a Magento and PHP Expert to Fix Broken Magento ver.
    "Excellent! Very fast and very knowledgeable in Magento."
  10. Magento 2.2.3 - Identify Payment Transaction Delay
    "Sergey is professional, knowledgable and orderly. An obscure Magento 2 misconfiguration was identified exactly according to the procedure Sergey indicated he would take -- a list of items and settings to check. The problem was resolved within a couple of hours even though it was very late at night for Sergey."
10 latest Woocommerce projects successfully completed by me via Freelancer(dot)com:
  1. Small Fix in Woocommerce Booking site
    "Fixed the issue quickly. Will definitely work with him again!"
  2. Individual WooCommerce / Wordpress function.php code snipped...
    "Perfect !"
  3. Woocommerce Measurement Price Calculator Coder?
    "Outstanding. Highly recommended. Thanks Sergey"
  4. FacetWP Booking add-on tweak
    "He does exactly what he promised!"
  5. Fix WooCommerce design plugin compatibility
    "Fast and good service, good communication, he fixed an issue I had someone else try for weeks without success within a day!"
  6. Woocommerce Bookings fix
    "Very nice! Good communication, fast working, and a very good job! Thanks a lot!"
  7. Display Event Date / Sort by Event date functionality / WooCommerce Shop Page Addition
    "Incredible. Sergey wen't above and beyond, and produced amazing work. I was very impressed with all the work, and will look for him again for future projects."
  8. woocommerce bug fix - system not sending emails
    "Sergey did a great job! was able to fix my bug very fast and sent me all documentation regarding which files he had changed. It was an pleasure working with Sergey, and I will of course hire him for similar projects in the future."
  9. Woocommerce : threshold notification total stock
    "Quick and good job. Thank you for the professionalism. The plugin do exactly what I wanted."
  10. Custom Woocommerce / ACF integration with Woo Gallery
    "Very good experience. Sergey was very easy to work with. Will definitely hire him again!"
10 latest WordPress projects successfully completed by me via Freelancer(dot)com:
  1. Mods to my custom wordpress site with ACF
    "Amazing! will use again [11 September, 2018] Sergey is great! Will use him again."
  2. Project for Sergey G.
    "it is Easy to work with him."
  3. myCred plugin arrangements
    "Sergey is very confident at his work and he did everything on time. It has been a pleasure to work with him."
  4. WordPress Plugin (DB Toolkit) Modification (PHP5.3 to PHP7.0)
    "I found Sergey easy and straight forward to work with."
  5. Wordpress geolocation
    "Understood requirements quickly with minimum of fuss, and got on and completed it extremely quickly and to a high standard . Thanks Sergey."
  6. Project for Sergey G.
    "Very fast, professional and comprehensive work. Highly recommended."
  7. Project for Sergey G.
    "great. Awesome work."
  8. Project for Sergey G.
    "Job completed on time, no fuss"
  9. Google Maps Javascript API Expert Required
    "Amazing Developer and Great Communicator. Solved an issue we had been working on for 2 days within hours! Will definitely use again"
  10. Fix Search Filter Problems with WP Listings
    "He fixed our issues quickly and within budget."


My thoughts.

Magento Full Page Cache from Potato Commerce

It is version 1.4.0 as I can see from “etc/config.xml”. In the “mysql-slow-queries.log” I can see these SQL statements: # Time: 170719 11:01:35 # User@Host: skipped18_magento[skipped18_magento] @ localhost [] # Query_time: 84.889509 Lock_time: 0.000149 Rows_sent: 1 Rows_examined: 310974362 SET timestamp=1500454895; SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `skipped_po_fpc_popularity` AS `main_table` LEFT JOIN (SELECT request_url, store_id FROM skipped_po_fpc_storage GROUP BY […] “feature”

As you can see from screenshot “Closed – This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.”. AND ??? Is it failed project? Is it successfully completed project? No way to know. And more important – no way to use the link to this project as part of my portfolio. Because “feature” […]

Short description for each second project

“I need a girl for dating and also I want to buy radio lamps.” It is not joke. Please, read 10-20 project descriptions to understand me.

All bids are visible for eveyone

New “feature”

Nowadays, all bids are visible for everyone. Include Google, Bing and other search engines. My screenshot. Please, note: I am not logged in. Just like Google bot. One more screenshot, where I search for “Hello, Greetings, Top most Freelancer to work with and have great reviews too”. I.e. first phrase from the first bid from […] error with online/offline status bug with online status

This url return “online”:false in any case: As for example: {“status”:”success”,”result”:{“online”:false,”last_login”:1494827557}} Please, use your own id to check your status. My status is “online”:false in any case (any computer, any web browser). Support ticket #ROT-837-43885 sent 10 days ago. Result: ” We’ll forward your concern to the Engineering team and we’ll contact you again […]

wordfence WordPress plugin and ‘authenticate’ filter

I am working on this project: “Social Login doesn’t work anymore” and I can find issue with the wordfence WordPress plugin. File “wp-content\plugins\wordfence\lib\wfLog.php”, line #1026, add_filter(‘authenticate’, array($this, ‘checkForBlockedCountry’), 1, 0); As you can see 0 (zero) parameters passed into ‘checkForBlockedCountry’ function. Now about ‘authenticate’ filter: Your hook callback should return either a WP_User object […]


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