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Sergey I.Grachyov

Magento Certified Developer
My name is Sergey [Magento Certified Developer, MCDBA, MCAD(dot)NET].
I am a freelance programmer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Time zone: GMT +3.
I am an individual, I am NOT A COMPANY in any meaning. I work alone and never distribute my work to other freelancers. I've been working as a freelancer since 2002 and I have 1000+ successfully completed projects for my clients around the world. These projects, include reviews from my past clients, are public available on the major freelance marketplaces. I am especially good when I need to fix complex bugs/errors/issues.
I can work via upWork.com or via Freelancer.com for $33/hour, 30-40 hours per week, include weekend.
My profile at Freelancer.com as it was on January 25, 2017

My profile at Freelancer.com (screenshot)

My profile at upWork.com as it was on January 26, 2017

My profile at upWork.com (screenshot)

Reviews from my past clients

Full list available in the public profile

10 latest Magento projects successfully completed by me via Freelancer(dot)com:
  1. Installation of Magento Modules and customization to make them work on my website
    "Excellent work and ahead of schedule..."
  2. Update Magento Site with Latest Security Patches
    "Freelancer did work as promised in a timely manner. Would work with him again."
  3. Magento custom order XML export - creates empty file....
    "TakeReal again did a fantastic job! Thanks for stepping up and getting this done for us."
  4. Magento Upgrade Debug Errors
    "Great! Fast worker. Professional."
  5. Magento developer
    "Thanks Sergey. Very happy that the issues we had has been successfully resolved. We had other developers look at this in the past that were not able to resolve so your expertise has appreciated. Will consider again for future works. "
  6. Fix special price in Magento
    "Really good developer with an eye for details. Gave him a bit vauge idea about what needed to be done and he solved it with great result! Would hire again!"
  7. Magento site fix-Minor-Asap
    "We restored the site ourselves, But he found the problem to get the site restored. Thanks for your time"
  8. Shopping Card issue
    "What we have agreed, he has achieved beyond that..must try this guy...10 out of 10 "
  9. Magento - Auto Flush Cache every 4 hours - Cron Job
    "Great freelancer, did a perfect job and even included a log with it so I could check on its activities. "
  10. Magento 2.1 Table Rate Shipping / CSV Setup Needed
    "Great Magento developer. "
10 latest Woocommerce projects successfully completed by me via Freelancer(dot)com:
  1. VPS server configuration - page load speed
    "All problems solved! Thank you Sergey, it was a pleasure. Highly recommended!"
  2. Woo Commerce Modification
    "Excellent job, on time, on budget, will use again"
  3. To make gravity forms editable using different styling plugins (e.g Styles & Layouts Gravity Forms). -- 2
    "Sergey is a brilliant freelancer to work with, he delivered exactly what we required on time and to a high standard. He is patient and very clear in his explanations. I will definitely hire him again. "
  4. Woocommerce plugin for variations
    "This programmer has done excellent work ! Right on budget and on time. Very responsive and comprehensive. He proposed better idea than original project and did more work than required. He is an amazing professional and I recommend him strongly."
  5. Dynamically creating a WooCommerce order from e-mail
    "TakeReal understood what I wanted from a short description, and completed the job faster then anyone could have expected. Great end product, with good, clean code, well commented. Communication was great, with quick replies and explaining screenshots to avoid any misunderstandings. Recommended! 5/5"
  6. Investigate / optimise peformance of Woocommerce-based site
    "Thanks! TakeReal was able to succesfully troubleshoot the issue and provide some truly helpful solutions."
  7. Debug woocommerce and find and fix whats causing 500 error
    "The best FL I have used. Fixed the problem no one else could fix. Highly recommend!"
  8. Need help fixing a woocommerce site
    "Awesome, fast worker!!"
  9. Customise Woocommerce Product page to show 'Sold out' beside variants that are sold out, and hide variant when no longer available
    "Remarkably fast. Understood the brief quickly, delivered a bug free solution. Code was nicely commented too!"
  10. Fix plugin problem Woocommerce cart not updated when discounts applied
    "Fast and professional. Thank you :)"
10 latest WordPress projects successfully completed by me via Freelancer(dot)com:
  1. I would like to hire a WordPress Developer
    "Great work linking two wordpress plugins together. All done on time and exactly what we needed."
  2. Fix corrupt redirects on website
    "Did exactly what he promised! Would hire again in a heartbeat!"
  3. Modificar plugin Ninja Forms
    "Working with TakeReal has been a rewarding experience. TakeReal has been above my expectations, has done an impeccable job and in a very short time. The conversation with him is very fluid and always in a professional environment. I'm sure I'll work with him again. [03 May, 2017] Working with TakeReal has been a rewarding experience. TakeReal has been above my expectations, has done an impeccable job and in a very short time. The conversation with him is very fluid and always in a professional environment. I'm sure I'll work with him again."
  4. Hire a WordPress Developer
    "Sergey has done a perfect job! It was completed much faster then he had initially estimated. Furthermore, there was a small detail which I missed in my explanation, which he brought up and asked to confirm whether or not I would want to include that part. Overall, perfect freelancer and I would definitely recommend working with him!"
  5. Wordpress Database Expert Required
    "I was extremely satisfied with the work from this freelancer. My database was cleaned up and helped speed up my site and stop issues with slow Sql queries. A big thank you."
  6. Additions to Wordpress plugin
    "TakeReal was very prompt in completing my project. He said 1-2 days but took him just a couple hours from project start. Very happy with communication and thoroughness of his work. Will work with him again. Thank you!"
  7. Need excess Inodes deleted from wordpress installation asap
    "Awesome work, was excellent to work with and worked really fast. Solved problem within a few hours. Will definetly hire again."
  8. Wordpress Layout Querys are too high -- 2
    "Spoke to about 12 freelancers before hiring this guy on. None of them could do the job nor understand it. He got it done fast and in just a couple of hours! Excellent freelancer and excellent work."
  9. PHP Plugin Modification
    "I was really impressed. I was told 5 days and he finished it in 2 days. Sergey was very thorough and he asked a lot of questions to make sure that everything was clearly proposed. Sergey was able to do some custom PHP modifications to my plugin and made it work great. He fixed my WooComerce emails fomrs and he also made some great improvements to my shopping cart page on WooCommerce. I was very impressed and I will definitely be using him again. Thanks Sergey! "
  10. Fix TTFB on wordpress site on apache server
    "Thanks to Sergey, he fixed my TTFB issues as he promised."


My thoughts.

upWork.com “feature”

As you can see from screenshot “Closed – This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.”. AND ??? Is it failed project? Is it successfully completed project? No way to know. And more important – no way to use the link to this project as part of my portfolio. Because upWork.com “feature” […]

Short description for each second Freelancer.com project

“I need a girl for dating and also I want to buy radio lamps.” It is not joke. Please, read 10-20 project descriptions to understand me.

All bids are visible for eveyone

New Freelancer.com “feature”

Nowadays, all bids are visible for everyone. Include Google, Bing and other search engines. My screenshot. Please, note: I am not logged in. Just like Google bot. One more screenshot, where I search for “Hello, Greetings, Top most Freelancer to work with and have great reviews too”. I.e. first phrase from the first bid from […]

Freelancer.com error with online/offline status

Freelancer.com bug with online status

This url return “online”:false in any case: https://www.freelancer.com/ajax/user/isOnline.php?user_id=10663 As for example: {“status”:”success”,”result”:{“online”:false,”last_login”:1494827557}} Please, use your own id to check your status. My status is “online”:false in any case (any computer, any web browser). Support ticket #ROT-837-43885 sent 10 days ago. Result: ” We’ll forward your concern to the Engineering team and we’ll contact you again […]

wordfence WordPress plugin and ‘authenticate’ filter

I am working on this project: “Social Login doesn’t work anymore” and I can find issue with the wordfence WordPress plugin. File “wp-content\plugins\wordfence\lib\wfLog.php”, line #1026, add_filter(‘authenticate’, array($this, ‘checkForBlockedCountry’), 1, 0); As you can see 0 (zero) parameters passed into ‘checkForBlockedCountry’ function. Now about ‘authenticate’ filter: https://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Filter_Reference/authenticate Your hook callback should return either a WP_User object […]


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