Review from my client from United States, posted on December 21, 2008

If I had number 100 here that’s how I would rate this professional. GAF Users… Trust me on this one… when you find TakeReal that bids on your project… there is really only one right answer to your project question. And that answer is TAKEREAL… Accept as soon as you can – before it sleeps away… As you will want to pay this professional more then his bid. At least 50% more… He is THAT GOOD…
Speed, Knowledge, Experience, Professionalism, ALL at the highest level possible…
I am writing this at 5 am in the morning ( after working for 19 hrs straight… ) and I am still excited because I found Sergey AKA TakeReal. So remeber one thig – if you see TakeReal in your bidding … put a smile on your face as you’ll know your project is in safe hands…. Thank You once again Sergey and I can’t wait to work with you again.

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