Review from my client FreshPixelInc from Canada, posted on June 14, 2018

Interesting experience with Sergey. He really had no interest in communicating initial (i.e. thanks for the job, hello…. nothing) so that was unusual. He did complete the project on time but when I noted that we need the address to auto-fill so that it properly calculated the tax – his exact response was…. I don’t want to prepare this new task, I didn’t bid to for it.

I’ve worked with a lot of freelancers and never have I had this, lol. Usually, they will say – OK, but that wasn’t in the scope and it will be this much more -fine for me – I had no desire to get ‘free work’.

I said this to him and again…. just no thanks, we can talk about it later. Ah, no thank you. There are amazing freelancers on here and I’ve never experienced one who didn’t want to build a working relationship – sad and shocking but I would not work with him again and sadly, I would not recommend him unless you have zero interest in working long term with him.

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